Benefits of Volunteering

Benefits of Volunteering

The benefits of doing voluntary work with a non-profit organisation can be quite enormous, but it is often difficult to recognise many of the benefits until you actually start doing voluntary work. Here we look at just four of perhaps the most valuable benefits.

Connecting with other people

Volunteers are often seen as the glue that binds many non-profit organisations together, and as an extremely valuable asset within a community. However, we frequently fail to realise that volunteering is a two-way process, and that the volunteer can also benefit greatly from the relationship, as a result of his interaction with members of the community.

By working as a volunteer you have the opportunity to make valuable contacts within your community, and also to make new friends. By working closely alongside other people, you are also able to improve your social skills.

Improving your mind and body

Getting out and about and working as a volunteer can bring with it all sorts of health benefits, one of which is keeping depression at bay. One of the most common factors in cases of depression is social isolation, and voluntary work ensures that you regularly see other people and build up your own support network to use when you find that you are facing something of a challenge in your life.

Volunteering also helps improve your physical health, and this is particularly true in the case of older volunteers. Older people who do even a very modest amount of voluntary work suffer less from such things as heart disease and chronic pain, and have a greater life expectancy.

Improved career prospects

Voluntary work can provide you with valuable experience, and also teach you new skills, both of which can be extremely useful to a future employer. What better way, for example, to develop key skills such as communication, organisation, teamwork, problem solving and many others.

If you are just entering the workforce and are considering a career in a particular field, or perhaps already have work experience but are looking for a change in direction, then why not see if you can volunteer in an area that is of interest to you. If you are considering a career in radio volunteering with Bishop FM would be a great way to test the water, and gain valuable experience at the same time.

It is fun!

We often overlook the fact that voluntary work can allow us to explore our own interests and, as such, can be a relaxing, interesting and a meaningful escape from the tedium of everyday life. Voluntary work can often provide you not only with the opportunity, but also with the motivation you might need, to rediscover some of that old creativity that you once seemed to have in such abundance.

Today we are surrounded by opportunities to offer our services as a volunteer to a whole range of non-profit organisations, and for many people the great surprise to be found in doing voluntary work lies in the tremendous personal rewards that you yourself receive from such work.

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