Changes to our online stream

Changes to our online stream

We recently upgraded our live stream due to issues some listeners encountered with Chrome and other browsers.

If you listen to Bishop FM online through our website, Radioplayer, TuneIn and some other apps you don’t need to do anything.

However, if you listen via an internet radio, media player or other device you may need to update the URL you use.

New streaming URLs

Our current streaming URLs are available in this playlist:

You can copy and paste this URL into your favourite media player, app or device.

If you prefer to add the stream URL:

Why do I have to make this change?

Our current streaming service uses a technology called Shoutcast v1 to stream the live audio from Bishop FM.

Unfortunately this technology is quite old and no longer works in Chrome and other web browsers.

We have updated to a newer service so that our stream remains available for all listeners, but you may need to update your device or media player to use the new URL.

The majority of listeners won’t need to take any action.

We’ve notified TuneIn, Pure, and other internet radio directories of the change.

However, if your internet radio is still looking for the old stream you can update the preset with the above URLs or contact your radio manufacturer and let them know about this change. The information on this page will help any internet radio directory or radio manufacturer update their databases.

I need help updating my radio or application

We can’t promise to help with every radio or app, but aim to look into any problems.

Please contact us here and choose technical support.

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