The Folk Show

The Folk Show

9pm to 11pm, Monday

New, old, local and international Folk music to suit every taste

The Folk Show goes out every Monday night from 9pm to 11pm on 105.9FM and online, and I guarantee that you will hear the best two hours of folk ‘n’ music around today. It’s not just your run of the mill folk either. You will hear the latest, the greatest, and the newest, you will also hear the traditional and the avant-garde and just for good measure I’ll throw in a bit of bluegrass too.

Yes folks, The Folk Show is a banjo friendly zone!

The Folk Show proudly boasts that the music you hear will be your music, mainly from the unsigned and the little heard of musicians from around the world. My main aim is to give your music a chance to be heard on the airwaves and the net. Tune in and I know you won’t be disappointed.

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