Share your event with an outside broadcast

Not everyone can attend all of your events, but that doesn’t mean they need to miss out.

Let us share your event with a live outside broadcast from £179.

  • A 2-hour radio programme broadcast live from your premises.
  • Advertise your event for a week, a fortnight or longer with six plays of the commercial per day.
  • Your event shown on the What’s On Guide on with included premium listing.
  • The best bits will feature on our Listen Again pages on our website and social media.
  • We can re-package any interviews or key messages for you to share on your own website and social media.



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Six reasons to broadcast your event on radio

Targeted advertising

Target listeners who are already interested in the type of music or activity at your upcoming event.

Local listeners

Reach local listeners who are likely to travel to your event with a targeted alternative to regional and online media.

Low avoidance

Radio commercials are broadcast regularly, and listeners tend to spend a long time listening each week.

Call to action

Encourage listeners to buy tickets or visit your venue while they are listening to the radio with a strong call to action.

Radio is popular

Every week 87% of the population listen to the radio and on average a listener tunes in for 20 live hours a week. RAJAR/Ipsos MORI/RSMB Q4 2019

Share the word

Reach new supporters or customers who may find it difficult to attend your premises.

Some of our previous outside broadcasts

Join great venues that have already broadcast their event live on Bishop FM

Fire Station Open Day

Fire Station Open Day

Share important safety messages with local residents

Community Fun Day

Community Fun Day

Let people know about your service

Drive-In Church Service

Drive-In Church Service

Share your message with the elderly or housebound

Choose advertising on Bishop FM

  • Reach listeners in South Durham

    Our coverage of Bishop Auckland and the surrounding area includes 74,000 people aged 15+. We've been based in Bishop Auckland since our launch in 2009.

  • Local shows and presenters

    Every day our local presenters play great music, talk to interesting guests and keep listeners up-to-date with locally relevant information.

  • Affordable and flexible packages

    As a small business we understand the need for affordable options. We offer a range of flexible on-air packages without compromising on quality.

Coverage area

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We've been helping businesses and organisations broadcast their events on Bishop FM for more than ten years.

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