Promote your shop or business on radio for a small annual fee

Shop Local is our unique advertising option for small and independent businesses.

  • Each Shop Local commercial is broadcast three times per week.
  • Select optional add-ons to have your message broadcast every day or create a profile on the Bishop FM website.
  • We’ll work with you to script and record a short message about your shop or business. Alternatively we can arrange for your message to be recorded by one of our professional voiceover artists for a small fee.



Price per year, no contract

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Why radio advertising works for small businesses

Targeted advertising

Reach local listeners in the right place at the right time with a targeted alternative to regional and online media.

Affordable and flexible

Short lead time and flexible scheduling means you can start promoting your independent business in just a few days.

Radio is popular

Every week 87% of the population listen to the radio and on average a listener tunes in for 20 live hours a week. RAJAR/Ipsos MORI/RSMB Q4 2019

Some of our Shop Local participants

Dozens of local businesses have already advertised on Bishop FM

Independent retailers

Independent retailers

Shops specialising in homewares, electrical items and jewellery have promoted their products and customer service.

Service businesses

Service businesses

Businesses offering photography, clothing alterations and vehicle repairs have advertised the services they offer.

Food and drink

Food and drink

Cafés, bistros and takeaways have promoted their food and drink offerings.

Choose advertising on Bishop FM

  • Reach listeners in South Durham

    Our coverage of Bishop Auckland and the surrounding area includes 74,000 people aged 15+. We've been based in Bishop Auckland since our launch in 2009.

  • Local shows and presenters

    Every day our local presenters play great music, talk to interesting guests and keep listeners up-to-date with locally relevant information.

  • Affordable and flexible packages

    As a small business we understand the need for affordable options. We offer a range of flexible on-air packages without compromising on quality.

Coverage area

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Our advertising team have helped dozens of small and independent businesses advertise with a Shop Local commercial on Bishop FM.

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