National Road Safety Week

Monday, 19th November, 2012 - 9:00am

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16th November 2012Press Release
BRAKE road safety week
November 19th to 25th is BRAKE Road Safety Week! BRAKE is a charity dedicated to improving road safety for everyone – drivers, pedestrians, bikers, etc. This year the theme of the campaign is ‘Slower speeds = happy people’.
John Walkden, Durham District Manager from County Durham and Darlington Fire and Rescue Service said, “We support this campaign to raise awareness of road safety as unfortunately our fire crews are called to deal with the aftermath of road traffic collisions every day. Reducing your vehicle’s speed will improve the chances of survival for you, your passengers and pedestrians – FACT.”
John added, “The Service is taking part in a number of events to promote road safety during the week. In Durham, fire crews will be handing out leaflets and advice at the Halford’s store near to the Arnison Centre in Pity Me.
Top tips for safer driving, particularly during the colder winter months:
• Adjust your speed to suit the conditions – drive more slowly when it is wet, icy, foggy, dark or there if is snow lying. It will take you longer to brake to a stop!
• Leave enough stopping distance between you and the car in front.
• The speed limits are maximums! You should reduce your speed when appropriate – near schools, in residential areas, etc.
• Avoid distractions! Even on hands free, using a mobile phone will delay your reactions.
• Check your tyres have adequate tread and are inflated to the appropriate pressure. They are the only contact your car has with the road!
For more information visit the Service’s website
John added, “We appeal to everyone reading this article to pass the information on to relatives, friends and neighbours. You could save their lives – If You Care, SHARE!”

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