The Jar Family

Thursday, 26th May, 2016 - 8:00pm

ARC Stockton Arts Centre

Hartlepool based The Jar Family are six individual songwriters and musicians, who decided that, rather than strive for success in isolation, they would join forces to pool their talent.
Although on paper, the idea of six very different and charismatic personalities with a wide range of musical styles working together harmoniously seems unlikely, the stunning results of their work to date speak for themselves. Taking their name from the donations jar they passed around at early gigs, the band are a tight knit group who had the foresight to realise that they were stronger collectively than they were individually.

To pursue their ambitious vision some tough early decisions had to be made. With few musical opportunities and even less resources at their disposal in their native North East the band temporarily moved away from their families in Hartlepool and relocated to a deserted farm in the remote Cambridgeshire countryside. There they built themselves a basic rehearsal studio and living in a ramshackle collection of old caravans for over a year they started to develop and refine what was to become the Jar Family sound.

A relentless touring schedule, which has seen the band appearing as special guests to a number of established artists such as Jake Bugg, Babyshambles, Alabama 3 and others has brought their raucous and engaging shows to all corners of the country. Picking up an ever-growing army of admirers as a result of this live activity the band has now established a major fan base of fanatical supporters throughout the UK.

The Jar Family recorded material at the legendary Monnow Valley Studios in the summer of 2014 with producer Rupert Christie and released a brilliant new album Family First in September 2015.

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