Skydive for Butterwick Hospice

Saturday, 10th September, 2016 - 10:30am

Skydive St. George, The Old Armoury, Durham Tees Valley Airport, DL2 1NJ

If you’ve ever considered how it would feel to free fall from 10,000 feet – then sign up now and get the adrenaline rush of a lifetime!
Join us in the summer skies this June as we offer spectacular tandem skydives for the daredevils in you. For just £50 registration and a minimum of £350 sponsorship you can take to the heavens in this once in a lifetime event.

You’ll arrive at 10.30 where you’ll be introduced to the team at Skydive St George and given your full training before being kitted up and safety checked before being escorted to the aircraft. As Skydive St George is part of the Durham Tees Valley airport, all skydivers will need to bring EITHER a valid passport or BOTH parts of a valid driving license.

Taking part in a skydiving event is heavily dependent upon the weather conditions on the day. Please be prepared to wait for clear skies or low winds on the day. If the weather conditions are unsuitable for the jumps to take place, we will help to reschedule you jump dates to your suiting where possible.

Anybody wanting to take part in this event who is over 40 and/or suffers from any of the medical conditions listed in the attached document must complete the Declaration of Fitness and have it signed by your Doctor.

Please note there are restrictions set on weight, age and medical fitness so please confirm your ability to take part in this event by reading and ticking the restrictions in the application form below.

On the booking form below it is important to select which hospice you would like to raise money for. You can choose to support the work of Butterwick House, hospice for babies, children and young adults or Butterwick Hospice at Bishop Auckland.

Registration for this event costs just £50 and we ask that every skydiver raises a minimum of £350 in sponsorship – it’s easier to do than you think! For more information please contact us on 01642 628930/01388 660644 or sign up using the secure form below.

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