Here I Belong – Pentabus Theatre

Friday, 11th November, 2016 - 7:30pm

UTASS, 9-11 Chapel Row, Middleton-in-Teesdale, Barnard Castle, DL12 0SN

It’s Elsie’s birthday. You are invited to the village hall to celebrate with us. Bring your friends, bring your family or just bring yourself. Elsie has lived here for 60 years, she has seen elections, weddings, wars, people coming, people going. The village is where her daughter grew up, it’s where her husband died and it’s where she’s going to stay. Travel through time from 1953 to the present day in this sensitive, charming and honest portrayal about village life and the right to grow old in your own home.Two actors tell Elsie’s story over four scenes. The first is set in 1953, as she decorates her village hall in preparation for the coronation party. The second in 1979, on the eve of the general election. Then after the interval it’s 1996 and the hall turns into the venue for a wake for a valued village resident. And the final scene is set now, as she asks the village to come together to celebrate her 90th birthday.
We’re staging the show cabaret style and the idea is that we change the hall for each scene – through bunting, flowers, fairy lights, balloons, we’ll take the audience on a journey through 60 years of village life. The audience might be asked to flip over the tablecloth on their table to help us change the decoration to move forward in time, or blow up balloons, or sing Happy Birthday. The story will happen around the audience. And you’ll see two actors do extraordinary things – one age from 25 to 90 over the course of the play; and the other play four different characters in each of the four scenes.
Here I Belong takes you through decades of history seen through the eyes of one village resident in this funny and moving new play.

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