Funny Way To Be Comedy: Tim FitzHigham as Will Kempe, Shakespeare’s Stand-up

Saturday, 29th October, 2016 - 8:00pm

The Witham, Banard Castle.

Tim FitzHigham as Will Kempe, Shakespeare’s Stand-up.
In 1600 the greatest comedian in the world and the greatest playwright in history had a big fight what happened next is the stuff of legend…

Having created the great comedy parts of Falstaff, Bottom and Dogberry, Will Kempe the comedian and William Shakespeare the writer fell out over Kempe’s ideas for a comedy part in Hamlet. To show Shakespeare the true nature of comedy Kempe walked out of his office in the globe and Morris Danced from London to Norwich in nine days.

Just over 400 years later multi-award winning comedian Tim FitzHigham read about this argument in the footnote of a long forgotten book…

To commemorate the 400th anniversary of the death of Shakespeare join Tim for wild Morris dancing, near death, arrest and injury as he takes on the challenge of the greatest stand up the world ever saw – Will Kempe. Bound up with this story is the discovery that Shakespeare and Tim may have a lot more in common as Tim stumbles on some forgotten paperwork and the secret of a catholic saint…

Come, laugh, and see Tim live (and amazingly still alive) in this incredible one man Shakespeare stand-up comedy show.
“Inspirational”- Time Out
“A National Treasure” –
“The Hidden gem of the Fringe” – The Observer

Subject to availability tickets are priced £14 on the door.
Age restriction: suitable for 10+

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