The British Invention Convention

Thursday, 21st September, 2017 - 12:00pm

Peterborough Arena, East of England Showground, Peterborough, PE2 6XE

We’re running a new event that’s fun, interactive, educational and inspirational for everyone. And one that’s held over three days at a big venue in a great location.
It’s called The British Invention Convention.


There’s been some fantastic inventions, designs, ideas, research… you name it… created and discovered over the centuries by really clever people. Some have been stumbled across by accident, but many have been really really worked on until they have been good enough to change the lives of so many of us.

It’s really exciting to learn of a new product or gadget that’s likely to make our lives easier, fun, better… and many of us often want to learn more about the faces behind the creation as well as (really important) try the new product or gadget out for ourselves.

What you might not know is that many inventions and discoveries are made at HE colleges and Universities… and made or discovered by really clever academics, researchers and students.

In fact, there’s probably alot being worked on right now that we don’t yet know about.

That’s where we and our fantastic event comes in: The British Invention Convention.


Over three days, we’re going to showcase and celebrate the inventions and discoveries happening right now – in the 21st century. We’ll be involving loads of different types of exhibitors and they will demonstrate their exciting gadgets, designs and inventions to anyone and everyone who comes and visits.


Our event will have
– a demo area (for people to try out actual gadgets, inventions of all sorts).
– a seminar area (for clever people to talk about all sorts of interesting subjects to eager listeners).
– a creatives gallery that includes historical inventions and discoveries…
– a theatre area with really great videos and films running throughout the day
– an Angels’ Den (where keen people can get free advice from clever professionals) and
– a Dragons’ Den with real life dragons (who eager people can pitch their ideas and inventions to).

The event will be split us into 10 exciting, colourful zones and will showcase lots of different designs, creations and discoveries across all walks of life… from technology to energy to transport to health to home, to name just a few examples.

There’ll be loads going on for three full days, and with live screens everywhere, entertainment and food and drink outlets… it’s an event you’ll definitely not want to miss…

It’s also an event that’s free for children under the age of 16.

So come along and be part of something special.

Thursday 21 September 2017 – 12 noon – 7.00pm
Friday 22 September 2017 – 10.00am – 9.00pm
Saturday 23 September 2017 – 10.00am – 6.00pm

Learn more about us and our event here:
Twitter: @Brit_Invention
Facebook: The BIC

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