Dark Skies Star Gazing

Sunday, 12th November, 2017 - 5:00pm

Harehope Quarry, Frosterley

Discover the beauty of the Dark Skies of the North Pennines. We’ll start with an introductory indoor session using an amazing software programme that allows you to view all the wonders of the night sky in real time. Afterwards, weather permitting, we’ll go out and using the naked eye, binoculars and a telescope, view some of the wonders of the universe. The activity leader, Bruce Ferguson, has been a keen star gazer since the early 1970s when his interest in the night sky was inspired by the gift from his dad of his first telescope, a 3-inch refractor. £5 each or family rate available £15 family of 4. Not suitable for young children. Booking essential: 01388 529154 enquiries@natureholiday.co.uk

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