Extreme Torque event

Sunday, 25th May, 2014 - 10:00am

Sunderland - Nissan Plant

An all day spectacular of adrenalin fuelled entertainment to keep all the family busy.
Whether you’re a fan of monster trucks, motorbikes, drifting or the more urban sports of BMX and parkour, the Nissan Extreme Torque Show is the place to be. With performances staggered and repeated throughout the day appearing in various arenas, you will not miss one bit of the action.

Firstly check out the Monster Arena where our very own trucks Extreme and Lil’ Devil compete to prove they’re the best car crushing monsters in Europe. 2013 was a very busy year for these monsters. Performing at over 150 shows during the summer meant they were in need of some long overdue TLC. The Extreme workshop has been busy over the winter months to make sure the trucks are ready to keep up with the grueling workout the drivers are going to put them through. Both still pulling 1500 horsepower and car-crushing to the max, these machines are primed and ready for monster action.

Next up is the Bike Arena, where the street bike gang love to showcase their skills performing all manner of stunts including wheelies, burnouts and stoppies.

Don’t forget the Extreme FMX lads who can’t wait to tear it up with their death defying stunts including the can can, cliffhanger, lazy boy, kiss of death, nac nac, superman and everyone’s favourite the backflip.

The BMX Arena hosts the street vibes of BMX and parkour. Prepare to be astounded as our very own Extreme BMX team out perform each other with bunny hops, barspins, 360s, tailwhips, flairs and of course the backflip. The fantastic concept of parkour showcases with its’ feet running. Watch in awe as these guys propel themselves from platform to platform with ease. Finding the quickest route to get from A to B regardless of any obstacles in their way. A unique sport very much integrated in the urban lifestyle.

Running continuously through the day will be the Extreme Drift Series. Judge based on line, angle, speed and show factor, drifting is an exciting competition, demonstrating the skills and agility of the drivers and their cars with an outright winner at the end of the second day.

There will be countless opportunities to meet the stuntmen and check out the pit areas with performers and vehicles throughout the day. Throw some good food, market stalls and fun fair rides into the mix and we promise to keep you busy from 10am to 5pm. Just make sure you bring plenty of enthusiastic energy with you to keep you going through the day.


INFORMATION LINE: 0203 3756506 (10am-5pm)
25th/26th May 2014
Nissan Plant
Washington Road

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