Fool’s Gold. Dark Light – a Flannan Island Mystery

Saturday, 29th April, 2023 - 7:30pm

Witton Park Village Hall

Licensed Bar open from 7pm. Tickets £10 available via or 07476 109611

About the Show:

In 1900, three lighthouse men mysteriously disappeared from the face of the
Earth – and to this day, no-one knows quite what happened.

It is Northern Scotland, it is deserted, stormy and wild. We have a mystery –
and it is entirely true!

Acoustic duo Fool’s Gold have created ‘Dark Light’ to tell the story in words,
music and images. The show explores the mystery – which the audience is
invited to solve – with live music both original and contemporary, and
projected images to bring it to life
There’s plenty for audiences to get involved with, it’s surprising how many
songs from the time you will know – and people always sing! There’s humour
and plenty of head scratching too – can YOU solve the mystery of the
Flannan Lighthouse, the Dark Light?

About Fool’s Gold:
Carol & Steve Robson have been performing their story and music shows for
many years. Their background is in folk music and everything you hear is
performed 100% live.
Fool’s Gold shows tell stories and show pictures as well as provide great live
music. There’s always something for an audience to see, hear, connect with
and enjoy – there’s no FG shows where people don’t join in somewhere
along the line!
The musical background is Folk, but not just the traditional folk songs –
Fool’s Gold use a variety of methods to construct their sound.
There’s a variety of instruments on stage and you might hear guitars, basses,
ukulele, bouzouki, flutes, whistles or keys – as well as voices. But you will
hear some great live music and experience a fascinating and true tale!