Weardale Festival 2019

Saturday, 3rd August, 2019 - 1:30pm

St Thomas's Church, Stanhope

Would you please be able to advertise the Weardale Festival 2019 - Weardale Past and Present-People and Places: On from Sat 3 to Sun 11 August in St Thomas's Church, Stanhope it opens each day at 1.30pm. It is a collaboration between the church and the Weardale Museum and this year is a photographic exhibition. On display will be over 250 photos of Weardale though the years as well as some films and there are also talks on local topics on the weekday evenings. Admission is free except for the events on the Saturday and Sunday evenings. There are also activities for children. A great day out for those who love the history and heritage of Weardale as well as photography lovers. More information can be found at www.weardalemuseum.co.uk

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