County Durham has a very active community of Women’s Institutes, made up of clever, determined and talented women who care about their local community and their fellow WI members.   When the UK went into lockdown in 2020, being unable to physically meet did not deter them and they came up a number of ingenious ways to keep in touch with their members, including taking on their own radio show.

The shows were a fascinating insight into life for County Durham women during this difficult period, and this archive aims to ensure that message is retained for future listeners to share and enjoy.

Volunteering with West Auckland WI

Valerie Armstrong explains how being part of West Auckland WI has opened up lots of other volunteering opportunities for her

Barbara and Eileen Rub Shoulders with the Stars

Barbara Galloway and Eileen Mason from Spennymoor West WI share their experiences of being game show contestants.

WI Campaign to Reduce Single Use Plastics

Sue Fox, Chairman of the County Durham Federation of Women's Institutes talks about the WI campaign to reduce single use plastics.

Joyce Jackson describes the work of the WI in Public and International Affairs

Joyce Jackson, Secretary of Frosterley WI and Chair of the Public and International Affairs Committee of the County Durham Federation WI tells us all WI campaigns past, present and future.

Gardening for Wellbeing with Rachel Duffy

Rachel Duffy explains why gardening is good for our mental health and wellbeing and why we should all be aiming to manage our gardens in a more sustainable way.

Why creating the right spacial environment can be good for our health

Jane Anderson PhD explains why our work environment is so important for our wellbeing and tells us how we can adapt our own personal workspaces to help improve creativity, productivity and brighten our mood.

Researching Family History

Discussing family history research and an update on events at the WI.

Dressmaking with Ann Gill

Naila is joined by Ann to discuss dressmaking.


Sue Fox, Chair of County Durham Federation of Womens' Institutes speaks to Naila Laundy about the activities taking place across County Durham in support of Bee-Day!

A Beekeeper's Tale

Dot Coe talks about her work as a Weardale Beekeeper.