A World of books in Crook

World book day was established to bring books to life and to encourage people to read more books, and to find out how exciting the world of your own imagination can be.

The G’n’T Show was invited to Crook Primary School to see how the pupils had interpreted World Book Day. It proved to be a great opportunity to hear about their favourite books and to see them dressed up as their favourite fictional characters.

As expected, the children had flung themselves with gusto into the project, and I had to admit I was impressed with the range, the ingenuity and the sheer volume of literary costumes from the past, the present and the future.

The classrooms and corridors, the gym and assembly hall were decked with young children dressed as, spiderman, elves, Harry potter, Dracula, ballerinas and young princesses complete with tiara’s. My personal favourite was Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, dressed in white coat with imitation blood stains, fortunately the good persona dominated today.

Barbara Gentles resplendently dressed in the costume of Queen Gertrude from Hamlet was teaching her favourite author, Shakespeare, to her afternoon class who hung upon every word.

Through her passion and dedication Barbara Gentles has managed a great coup for the school by having the Royal Shakespeare Company visit in October and to teach and produce a school version of Hamlet involving the children and the RSC.

The Children I spoke to were excited and impressed me greatly with their knowledge and enthusiasm of Hamlet, and invited 105.9 Bishop FM into the audience in October to see the finished play.