A Spectrum of day trips this summer

The charity behind the Spectrum Leisure Centre in Willington have announced updated details of their Spectrum Travel Club.

Scarborough Spa is one of the destinations this summer

The travel club organises exclusive day trips, and this summer will head to Scarborough Spa, Carlisle, Saltburn & Whitby and historic York.

Each trip with Spectrum Travel Club VIP includes door-to-door pick ups and drop offs, refreshments on the journey and a selection of music from Ella Fitzgerald to Michael Buble.

On Wednesday, 29th June, the group will travel to Scarborough Spa with a morning concert and chances to relax in the Sun Court enclosure. On the following Wednesday Carlisle offers a range of attractions, including shops and free to enter Carlisle Cathedral. The trips are priced at £15 and £9 respectively.

Membership is priced at £1 per person, per year, providing access to the trips and supporting the charity. Places are limited, and anyone interested in a trip is encouraged to call 01388 747000.

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