‘Tiny Tigers’ Taekwondo class launches in Bishop Auckland

A local instructor will start a new Taekwondo class next week in Bishop Auckland aimed at introducing youngsters aged four years and older to the martial art.

Instructor Katey Wallace, 5th Dan, decided to start the class after frequently being asked how old children need to be to start the martial arts.

“People ring me all the time and say I’ve got a four year old can they join and I normally put them off because our starting age is at least seven years old. So I decided I would open a Tiny Tiger class which is less focused so that kids four years plus can come along and have fun and see what Taekwondo is all about,” she said.

The class starts Monday, 8th July, from 6.00pm – 6.30pm at Bishop Barrington Sports Hall and costs £4. Ages 4 years plus are welcome.

“Half an hour of constant exercise and concentration is enough for children of a young age,” said Katey. “The lesson will be fun, kicking, games, coordination exercises, self defence and lots of hard work!” she said.

Parents can make enquiries on 07901 650 796.

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