Wheelie pleased with BMX track improvements

A well used and popular BMX track in Tow Law will see improvements this summer.

It is hoped the BMX track will be improved over the summer

Parts of the track will be removed and new drains will be installed. The track will then be resurfaced to ensure the area is safe to ride on.

It is hoped work will ensure youngsters are discouraged from riding in back street and car parks.

“This is a well used track and important to keen bikers living in the area who will be delighted with the improvements made”, explained Barrie Alderson, an outdoor sport and leisure officer with the council.

Youngsters and bike enthusiasts will benefit from the improvements which have been made possible with £5,000 and support from the Three Towns Area Action Partnership.

The funding was provided jointly by Councillors Patricia Jopling and John Bailey.

Three Towns Area Action Partnership is one of 14 set up by Durham County Council in 2011.

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