College showcase at ‘have a go’ day

Bishop Auckland College is progressive, colourful and ultra modern, and that applies not only to its exterior appearance, but to its forward thinking, and its colourful interior décor.

The College decided to showcase its wide range of courses available to all and threw open its doors to the public and invited them in to look, learn and to have a go.

The mood was one of warmth, friendliness and helpfulness, with the students on hand to help and direct an eager public along the corridors of power and guide them to the rooms learning.

The theme for the day was have a go, and on offer for all that attended the event were a variety of skills that were as interesting as they were diverse, with over thirty businesses and professionals taking part, and on hand to advise, guide and explain.

The event started at 10am and continued until 4pm and covered the three floors of the college. The weather was grey, misty and damp, but it did not stop an eager public from filing through the open doors in a regular stream to have a go… at website and graphic designs, bread making, fundraising, D.I.Y. fitness coaching, how to sell and lots more.

Other events worth a mention were the HAVE A GO at healthy eating, with Steven and Helen Brown from FARM FRESH FOODS, inviting you to prepare and cook delicious snacks like stuffed peppers, which I sampled and can certainly vouch for. The highlight for me was the HAVE A GO at voicing a commercial with the Susan Harris, who was so passionate and knowledgeable about her product and very keen to share with all that crossed the threshold.

Summing up, all I can say was that the day was a success for the college, the participants and the public too, it was superbly organised, well attended and beautifully delivered, so a big thanks to everyone for making it a smooth and joyful day.

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