From Stanhope to the North Pole on the Polar Express

It’s that time of year again, when everyone’s thoughts turn to Christmas and the excitement and joy that it brings to the children, and of course to the children that means Santa Claus, reindeers and presents.

Last year saw the inaugural run of our very own Polar Express, leaving Stanhope railway station and heading off to the secret location of the North Pole. Our very own Weardale Railway’s thirty five minute train ride is loosely based upon the children movie The Polar Express and follows the story line quite closely.

Keeping the children and the adults alike amused as the train trundles its way through the night towards the North Pole is the very likeable but very raggy HOBO who is relentlessly chased from carriage to carriage by the conductor and the dancing Chefs. The hobo often escapes from the clutches of the conductor and begs each child in turn for their cookies and of course their gold return ticket, only to be caught in the act and once more to be escorted from the train.

As the journey progresses, cookies and hot chocolate are served and the entertainment is kept up by the chefs as they dance and sing their way through the carriages, to the accompaniment of Christmas songs and carols through the carriage’ ts PA system.

Finally the train arrives at the North Pole and slowly passes by a waving Santa Claus and the dancing elves and reindeer, the train stops and Santa Claus climbs aboard. The train then once more returns slowly back to Stanhope station as Santa Claus threads his way through each carriage giving each child who truly believes, the gift of Christmas, a silver bell.