New Solan Connor Fawcett Trust Boutique to open in Ferryhill

Mark Solan is to open an additional Solan Trust Boutique within Ferryhill on the 1st February 2019. The team known as ‘Team Solan’ are there to support families struggling with cancer, they believe no one should have to face it alone. The charity originated as the Founder, Mark Solan lost both his mother, and grandmother to cancer;

“My Mam was 42 when she was told she was terminally ill and she passed away age 43, I was 22 at the time and was totally devastated and I still have not recovered from this loss”

In 2015 Mark was approached to take part in a white collar boxing match in order to raise money for Cancer Research UK. He thought this was a great opportunity to raise funds for something he had been personally affected by. Mark raised £14,000 in total and had won his fight after 85 seconds in the first round.

“Excited and inspired by my ability to raise that amount of money through donations, I decided I could do more to help those affected by this horrible disease.

The Solan Connor Fawcett Family Cancer Trust was launched to help those touched by cancer. Our plan is to create a place which will support individuals and families in County Durham and Darlington who are affected by cancer. The Charity is all about you and how we can help you deal with your cancer journey.”

The shop is to be positioned between the ‘Charles Dickens’ hardware shop and the ‘Reeds Rains’ property company, to replace the previous ‘Generations’ shop.

Team Solan are looking for volunteers based in Ferryhill who are able to give up their time to become part of the team. Volunteers can vary from having accounting, retail, or stocking experience to little or no experience at all. The aim of the trust  is to provide a base within small towns such as Ferryhill, where people who have perhaps become isolated by cancer can go and feel part of a community.

The shop welcomes any sort of donations; from clothing, footwear and accessories, to DVDs, CDs and Jigsaws.

This has been Hope Norman reporting for Bishop FM

For any further information, contact Mark Solan:Mobile: 07584 705673 Email: