Following the Firework Code this November

As we get closer to the 5th of November the fire service is encouraging people to observe The Firework Code.

County Durham and Darlington Fire and Rescue Service is also discouraging the practice of building ‘backyard’ bonfires.

Lee Aspery, Community Safety and Arson Reduction Manager at CDDFRS, said: “We want everyone to have a great but safe Bonfire Night!

“Backyard bonfires are often fires without proper controls and/or safety measures making them extremely dangerous. In addition, they are a huge environmental hazard, causing environmental damage, air pollution and can be a nuisance for local residents.

“The smartest way to stay safe this bonfire season would be to attend an organised fireworks display and report any potentially hazardous bonfires to your local council.”

The fire service has joined forces with councils and Durham Constabulary to launch the #BetterBonfire campaign on social media. They are aiming to ensure the public are aware of the dangers of bonfires and fireworks which includes, the firework code, safe use of sparklers, keeping your furry friends safe indoors and illegal bonfire reporting.

The Firework Code can be seen on the CDDFRS website.

A list of organised firework displays is available on This is Durham.