Local art celebrated at NewcastleGateshead Fair

The Sage is beautiful state of the art building, with a cutting edge design shape, and an incredible mirror covered exterior surface.

The Sage was primarily built for showcasing emerging and existing music and for the training of budding musicians. ICONIC is the only way to describe this venue, and what better place to hold the 3rd international ART FAIR, it really seemed at home hosting the 50 exhibitors from across Great Britain and the North East in particular.

The quality of the art was high, covering genres such as metal sculptures, glass, oils pastels, pottery and landscapes. The price tags ranged from the very affordable to an ANDY WARHOL with a price tag of £25,000, wow.

The exhibition was the proverbial feast for the eyes with colour, quality and sheer innovation in every direction, and even the cold and heavy rains did not deter the discerning collectors and investors who appeared in droves and eagerly snapped up the bargains.

The Sage exhibition is going from strength to strength and from its humble beginnings 3 years ago with 5,000 punters through the doors to 10,000 last year and an expected 15,000 this year.

The trend is ever upward for the art hungry public. The exhibition was run along side and in conjunction with its equally iconic neighbour THE BALTIC FLOUR MILL, ART GALLERY, the partnership was successful and next year will expand its range art by featuring music.

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